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be any reason for them to make a public fuss
about it. They got their profits and the flats got
Directly we grasp this not very obscure truth
that there can be, and are, different sorts of money
dependent on the economic usages or system in
operation, which are not really interchangeable,
then it becomes plain that a collectivist world
order, whose fundamental law is such a Declara-
tion of Rights as we have sketched, will have to
carry on its main, its primary operations at least
with a new world money5 a specially contrived
money, differing in its nature from any sort of
money conventions that have hitherto served
human needs.   It will be issued against the total
purchasable output of the community in return
for  the workers*  services  to  the community.
There will be no more reason for going to the
City for a loan than for going to the oracle at
Delphi for advice about it.
In the phase of social stress and emergency
socialisation into which we are certainly passing,
such *a new money may begin to appear quite
soon* Governments finding it impossible to re-
sort to the tangled expedients of the financial
counting-house, may take a short cut to recupera-
tion, requisition the national resources within
their reach and set their unemployed hands to